US Trading Center

About Us

Employees of the US Trading Center

Karim Biglari
CEO and owner
Andrew Hauser
Benjamin Biglari
Sofie Biglari

Karim Biglari

CEO and Owner

The CEO and owner of the US Trading Center, he is also the owner and CEO of the Biglari company and the company

Andrew Hauser

Sales Manager

As the sales manager, Andrew is responsible for all outgoing and incoming sales campaigns. If you'd like to learn more about any product we have available, feel free to contact Andrew directly.

Benjamin Biglari

Web Administrator and Designer

As web administrator and designer, Benjamin is responsible for maintaining and updating the website. If you have any questions regarding our website, please contact him.

Sofie Biglari

Representative to sister companies

Manager for all afairs involving our sister companies. If you have any questions regarding our sister companies, please contact her.

Company Info
U.S. Trading Center
3468 N. Oceanshore Blvd.
Suite 3
Flagler Beach FL 32136
Contact Info
Tel: (386) 246-3774
Fax: (386) 246-3779