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These are the types of electronic scrap that we purchase.

Circuit Boards

  • Boards from Computers, Servers, and Laptops
  • Boards from Office Equipment such as Printers
  • Boards from Telephones, PBX systems, and other communication systems
  • Boards from mobile phones and cell phones
  • Boards from Entertainment devices such as TVs, DVD Players, Radios
  • Boards from Monitors
  • Boards from integrated power supplies

Computer Hardware

  • CPUs
  • RAMs
  • Hard-drives, disk-drives, and DVD-drives
  • Power Supplies from computers and servers


  • Cellphones
  • Circuit board components, such as EPROMs

What We Don't Buy

  • Batteries
  • Refrigeration Units
  • CRT monitors
  • flat screen monitors
  • mice, keyboards, speakers
  • lead containing cables, moldings, or sheets
  • toxic or poisonous waste

If you are unsure, whether or not we buy your scrap, or have any questions, please contact us.

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